Why Do You Need Liquor Control?

October 12, 2022

What are Liquor Controls?

AndroBar USA is a liquor control system. If you don’t know what that is, you won’t realize why you need it.

A liquor control system is “a combination of a digital liquor pouring device, liquor control software, and an electronic station to accurately track how much liquor is being poured out of each bottle.” – Sanchari Chatterjee, Zip Bartender

A liquor control system operates for the bar the same way portioning food does for your kitchen. In order to maximize your profits, you need to control the portion size of menu items, the pour size if you will, and track all the loss or waste of product.

How does a Liquor Control System prevent liquor loss?

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Liquor loss occurs in several ways:

  • Overpour – intentional or otherwise
  • Free pouring, or eye-balling, the liquor into the glassware
  • Counting ounces while pouring

The easiest way to stop loss due to pouring errors is to implement a liquor control system. Our state-of-the-art liquor control system using Android tablet technology allows the AndroBar system to receive bar orders sent from most POS systems and present them to the bartender for preparation. Everything poured is on someone’s check with the Universal Credit POS interface. ALL pours are recorded and reported by staff, mode, drink and product.

AndroBar ensures that your bartenders:

  • Will only dispense what has been entering into POS
  • Will only pour the correct amount of alcohol – no more, no less
  • Will only pour the product that has been ordered

What are the benefits of a Liquor Control System?

This will make the bartenders’ job easier, reduce liquor loss AND increase consistency of drinks across all employees, shifts, days and locations.

Benefits of a Liquor Control System:

  • Makes the bartenders job easier
  • Reduces liquor loss
  • Increases drink consistency across all employees, shifts & locations
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With inflation at close to 9%, monitoring and reducing product loss at every outlet in your facility is of the utmost importance. Don’t overlook the bar. Contact AndroBar USA today and start using a liquor control system.