I’ve Never Made That Before!

February 6, 2023

Picture This Common Scene

Thursday supper rush. It’s wing night. Seats are filling up fast. Your staff is seating, taking orders, and delivering meals to hungry guests. Drink orders are piling up on the bar.

Servers are waiting for drinks to match the pace of food delivery. The manager drops by the bar to ask what’s holding up the drinks, and at that same moment, your senior server comes up and requests a Flaming Gorilla (yes, it’s a real drink!). Maybe it’s time to automate the bar.

The reality for bars and restaurants nationwide is a shortage of staff, particularly experienced staff. This shortage has resulted in limited menus, closure on certain days, and shortened hours of operation on days opened.

Automating Your Bar

Automation in the kitchen has made strides over the years in maximizing the efficiency of making high-quality food in the family-oriented market. Automated fryers, grills, and combi-ovens have made cooking faster and, in some situations, easier.

Such advancements have been slower in bars. As discussed in previous articles, the culture of liquor dispensing is unique. Randomness has been built into and accepted as the way liquor is served, and cocktails are made. The lack of automation impact includes uncontrolled and, therefore, high costs and lower margins for what should be the highest margin product in your operation. In addition, automation reduces the need for skilled and experienced labor.

The good news is that there are liquor control systems that can provide lower liquor costs, increased sales, and the consistency required to exceed guests’ expectations. The AndroBar POS-driven liquor control system controls costs by ensuring that every drink poured is recorded as a sale, providing portion control, and preventing over-pour. And just in case your bartenders don’t know how to make every drink out there, the embedded Cocktail Wizard ensures that every drink made and cocktail mixed meets your standards.


AndroBar USA
Liquor loss occurs in several ways:

  • Overpour – intentional or otherwise
  • Free pouring, or eye-balling, the liquor into the glassware
  • Counting ounces while pouring

Change the Scenario

Pan back to our Thursday wing night with an alternate ending where drinks fly out to thirsty guests and are made consistently. The AndroBar system pours ordered drinks, and even the most complicated drinks are made accurately. All drinks are being recorded. Guests are happy and order a second round of drinks. Sales and profit are higher, and staff is happy because higher sales mean higher TIPS because the business is getting paid for every drink.

The AndroBar Liquor Control System

The AndroBar Liquor Control System provides reliable automation, utilizes a unique Cocktail Wizard, and is POS integrated.


AndroBar USA

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