Inventory And Portion Control Go Hand-In-Hand

November 15, 2022

The same way you don’t want to overpour or underpour a cocktail, you don’t want to over-order or under-order your liquor stock.

Make Sure Your Inventory Adds Up

According to QSR Magazine “taking an inventory at the end of every month is okay, but in order to be really effective, inventory should be scheduled once a week on the same day.” Tracking your inventory across all departments is important to cut loss and waste, especially with food goods with expiration dates, but inventory in the liquor department is less about expiration dates and more about ensuring that what you sold in terms of dollars on checks matches what you used.

Prior to setting all your drink recipes and opening for business, it is important to create a baseline inventory. A baseline inventory is “a fixed point of reference that is used for comparison purposes.” Establishing how much liquor you have on hand to start will make several things easier:

  1. Ordering
  2. Identifying loss or theft
  3. Monitoring the regularly fluctuating prices in the foodservice industry

How does AndroBar USA help with liquor inventory?

AndroBar Controls

Set up your portion control for up to 999 liquor bottles by pour type:

  • UP
  • Neat
  • Rocks
  • Double

Dispensing the correct amount – no more, no less!

AndroBar USA is a liquor control system that uses our Punch to Pour™ to manage, dispense and control the amount of liquor in each drink served at your restaurant and bar. AndroBar USA’s Punch to Pour™ system and POS interface allows you to program bottle brand controls up to 999 bar brands and incorporate them into your programmed recipes for cocktails and shooters. Taking the time to set up your portion control for each liquor bottle you stock is time consuming but these specs for each liquor, drink, pour type (I.e., rocks, up, double, etc.) will guarantee your team is only dispensing the correct amount – no more, no less.

This automated portion control will maximize your profits by reducing liquor loss due to free-poured drinks, but it also streamlines your inventory procedures by tracking exactly how much liquor was dispensed over the course of a week, day, even a shift. The AndroBar USA reporting system will create an easy to pull report indicating how much liquor was used, and in turn letting you know exactly how much to order to return to your baseline inventory. All the reporting capabilities with AndroBar USA will make taking inventory and ordering faster, painless, and more precise. This will prevent over-ordering AND overspending, keeping more money in your restaurant AND your pocket.

Tracking inventory prevents over-ordering AND overspending.
Keep more money in your restaurant AND your pocket.


“Not only does adding technology to your process make doing inventory easier, it also makes the resulting data more understandable and useful.” – Joy Ugi for QSR magazine

Take control of your portioning AND your inventory with AndroBar USA, because portioning your drinks won’t make a difference in profits unless you know how much liquor you had at the start.