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Why do I need a liquor control system?

For the same reason you put in security cameras and door locks. The best way to stop a crime is to the prevent it, and theft is the single biggest cause of high liquor costs.

How much do staff steal?

Some statistics state bartender theft at $500+ per day – that’s right ~ PER DAY!!

How do they steal?

The list of ways that bartenders steal is long:

· Overpour – intentional or otherwise
· Short Pouring – spreads a pour over two or more drinks and sells the extra for cash
· Counting ounces
· Over pouring liquor and topping up bottles with water
· Adjusting customer check
· Swapping cheaper product for higher priced liquor
· Blatant give away

How do I catch them?

Once the theft is committed you are faced with:

· Liquour inventory counts
· Camera angles
· POS spot checks
· POS reports

OR You can stop the theft before it happens!

The AndroBar POS interfaced liquor control system…

· Will only dispense what has been entering into POS
· Will only pour the correct amount of alcohol – no more, no less
· Will only pour the product that has been ordered
· Will track what employee is working what station and exactly what they poured

$ No More Overpour
$ No More Partial Pours
$ No More Freebies
$ No More Bottle Swapping
$ Track Key Data Points

How do I calculate my theoretic liquor cost?

Dollars spent buying liquor for a certain period, divided by the amount of money you SHOULD have received by selling that liquor….equals the theoretic liquor cost expressed as a percentage.

  • $100,000 spent buying liquor
    divided by
  • $800,000 planned revenues from the sale of liquor
  • 12.5% theoretical liquor cost
How do I calculate my actual liquor cost?

Dollars spent buying liquor for a certain period, divided by the amount of money you ACTUALLY received by selling that liquor….equals the actual liquor cost expressed as a percentage.

  • $100,000 spent buying liquor
    divided by
  • $532,552 actual revenues from the sale of liquor sold
  • 18.8% actual liquor cost
What does the difference mean?

The difference between your theoretical and actual liquor costs is the amount of money you are not making in your liquor sales:

Planned Liquor Sales = $800,000
Actual Liquor Sales = $532,552
The Additional Sales you COULD have made = $267,448

This is as a result of all the factors that AndroBar can control such as…

– overpour
– waste through incorrect drink recipes
– lack of data to manage your liquor theft
– unrecorded sales

What do you mean by overpour? My bartenders always pour correctly.

In test after test, pouring thousands of ounces of liquor our research has shown the following:

  • Free Pour (where the bartender uses a count to calculate amount poured) overpour averages 31.6% (pour accuracy = 0%)
  • Measured Pour (Jigger or shot glass used to measure) overpour averages 28%
  • Electronic portion control (AndroBar for example) overpour averages <2%
What is your dollar yield per bottle?

Theoretical Yield per bottle is the size of the bottle in oz. (750ml = 25.3 oz, 1 litre = 33.8) divided by the size of your standard sized drink pour. To add to the calculation – times the number of drinks by the retail price to get your Dollar Yield per bottle.

  • 750 ml bottle = 25.3 oz
  • Standard pour = 1.5oz
  • Yield per Bottle = 16 drinks
    times $9.00 per drink
  • Potential Dollar Yield per bottle = $144 per bottle

What is your Dollar Yield per Bottle?

Does the AndroBar have a warranty?

Every system, every component, every part is fully warrantied from manufacturer or install defects for five years.

Does AndroBar offer support after install?

Have question? Need to add spouts or need supplies? Something not make sense in your reports? Call us. We answer the phone!

And every system installed provides monitored remote support. With your permission we can access the complete AndroBar system and walk you through any issues.

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